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This season of lent was the first time that I had a greater understanding and truly observed it. Growing up, I knew people gave up chocolate or sweets, I also thought it was just a Catholic thing (I went to a Catholic high school).

As you know, I chose to remove myself from social media and increase my time in the Word. This has been really good for me because it helped me build my self-discipline, it afforded me more time spend with Him and work on other forms of communication with those that I care about, and it opened up opportunities to speak to people about what I was doing and why. I’m so grateful that I learned more about Lent before we started this journey! I was able to pull some talking points up which really enhanced the conversations. However, this journey for me wasn’t all beneficial. It revealed to me how tied into social media my life really is. Aside from my business operations being heavily based on social media marketing and engagement, it’s the main way some of my friends and I communicate. On a daily basis, we’ll be sending memes, funny videos, sports updates, or current events through social media just as if we were talking about them in person. When I removed myself, I noticed how my friends would continue to try and communicate with no prevail. The world moves so fast and there is so much to take in. I was definitely experiencing major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) during this time. However, like I mentioned before, it became a time of calling my friends, texting my friends, and finding new (old) ways of communicating with those that I care about. God is too good and most definitely sustained me during the entire season!

I may not have had any drastic realizations during this time, but I can confidently say that God spoke to me during it. He placed the word “Intentional” on my heart and has also given me the opportunity to be just that. Opportunity with the youth, opportunity with my own personal ministry career, opportunity with my loved ones. I’ve even began to become more intentional and disciplined with my overall health, just making small strides daily – my daily deposits.

Overall, this Lent season has been a very positive experience for me. I may be back on social media, but it’s not in the same capacity. I’m still growing a lot and I’m still in the Word daily. It’s really taught me to continue to lean on the Lord for all of my strength. Is it easy? Most definitely not, but it’s a journey I’m on because it’s always worth it.