How Jesus Finds Me
The Way: Prevenient Grace

Through prevenient grace, God goes before us to make a way and draw us into a relationship.

Jenee's Story

A story of prevenient grace
How Jesus Changes Me
The Truth: Saving Grace

Through saving grace, Jesus rescues us from sin and
leads us into the truth that sets us free.

Jenee's Story Pt.2

A story of saving grace
How Jesus Leads Me
The Life: Sanctifying, Sustaining, and Sufficient Grace

Through sanctifying grace, the Spirit empowers us to live a life fully consecrated to God.

Through sustaining grace, the Holy Spirit cooperates with us to enable a faithful and disciplined life given in service to God.

Through sufficient grace, God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.

Jenee's Story Pt.3

A story of Sanctifying, Sustaining, and Sufficient Grace