Legacy Kids is a place for kids to learn about God in a way that’s fun and easy for them to understand. We have a service specifically for kids from age 1 to grade 7.

We know that God has great plans for our children and we can to help them learn to hear His voice and follow where He leads them. Our Kids are going to be amazing leaders in our community and in our world. This day we are living in is unlike any other. We want our kids to be ready for face the challenges ahead equipped with the promises that God has for them and knowing He is always with them.

We are equipping our kids to enter into their youth with a strong biblical foundation of faith from the Word and confidence that they can do all things through Christ’s strength.

We strive to do this is fun, interactive through song, lessons and crafts. With bible verse memorization, prizes and interactive activities and special kids events.

There is a place for your child at Legacy Kids. Come and join in the fun.

Who you will see at Legacy Kids?

Mary-Jane “MJ” Holmquist

Mary-Jane “MJ” Holmquist