Our mission as a local church community is to live out the Great Commission of Jesus: “Go into all the world and make disciples…”. The mission statement of the Church of the Nazarene is: “to make Christ-like disciples in the nations”. Our local expression of that mission is: “Real people striving to live out the outrageous love of Jesus” or as we have summarized in our higher purpose (our contribution to the world): “Courageous Love”…the mission is exactly the same. It is the call to live out our lives as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ within the context of extended family. It is the call to live our lives in authentic community, participating with God on His mission in the world.


It leads us to ask an important question: What is a disciple of Jesus? A person who learns to BE like Jesus and learns to DO what Jesus does through developing the character and competency of Jesus. Someone whose life and ministry reflect the life and ministry of Jesus and who does the things that Jesus did for the reason Jesus did them. A disciple is also one who disciples others in ‘what’ it means to be a disciple. In the end we will either strive to look more like Jesus or have Jesus look more like us. In light of all this, the question that we as a community are asking ourselves is—How do we make disciples who make disciples who make disciples…?

Discipleship and Mission go hand in hand and we as a church family are grasping the importance and indeed necessity of building a Discipling Culture that will lead to multiplying Missional Leaders who will lead Missional Communities and ultimately Kingdom Movements. It is our deep conviction that we need to commit to an intentional multiplying model of discipleship and mission, one that will equip and empower each individual and ultimately a whole community to live out our vision and values…doing life together…living out courageous love through a more flexible and locally incarnated expression of the church. Creating not an institution or an organization but a movement…a movement that is partnering with God on His mission in the world.

Our Core Values

L — LOVE COURAGEOUSLY [John 13:34-35]
This is a love that is costly, sacrificial and goes the second mile

E — ENGAGE MEANINGFULLY [Matthew 28:18-20]
It is a call to centre our lives around God and His mission in the world

G — GO WILLINGLY [Mark 1:17-18]
It is about responding in willing obedience to wherever and whatever God calls us to

A — ABANDON COMPLETELY [Matthew 16:24-25]
It is responding to God with complete abandonment…dying to ourselves and living for Him

C — CONNECET OPENLY [Ecclesiastes 4:9-12]
Creating the space for people to be authentic and open with their lives and in their relationships

Helping to create and inspire a thirst and hunger for God