Lead Pastor

We are currently between pastors and have a number of great speakers teaching us from the Bible on Sundays. Please come visit us during this time, we still want to meet you. Please check back to see meet our new Pastor.


Lorna Bartram - Heping Hands Director


Helping Hands Children’s Centre – Director

I was born in Vancouver and moved to Surrey at the age of 6 back when an acre and a half cost my parents $1,500! I lived in Winnipeg while serving at Canadian Nazarene College and in Saskatoon completing my degree at the University of Saskatchewan. I grew up as part of the Vancouver Nazarene church, accepted Christ there and thanks to the mentoring of God’s people took on leadership roles at an early age. I sensed a call to full time ministry in my teens which took form in my 20’s.

For more than 22 years I have led our community based ministry, Helping Hands and for 10 of those years I also served as our Executive Pastor. Prior to my call to Legacy (Guildford) I served in youth and college assignments at the local, district and regionals levels of our church. My current assignments include the Children’s Centre as well as part-time work for the Canada Pacific District. Most recently I have been leading a new initiative called LAMP (leadership and mentoring program) which allows me to engage in one of my greatest joys, leadership development and mentoring.

Our Children’s Centre has provided dozens of teens and young adults with summer, part time and full time jobs over the years. Providing places of service for training and leadership development is a central aspect of our calling at Helping Hands. We have a rich legacy in this regard and the vast majority of young adults who have served with us have moved into full time vocational careers in pastoral ministry and teaching, with some serving at the Centre ongoing.

I love the beach. It renews the soul – all vacations must begin and end at the beach. If I were a wealthy soul I would live at water’s edge. Oddly enough I enjoy house cleaning, perhaps it’s the visual accomplishment – and gardening – mostly trimming bushes and leaving the debris for someone else to collect but digging in the soil and watching things grow is pretty cool too. I am privileged to live with two of my sisters and cherish time with friends and family.


The church also has an elected board (elected each year by the church membership). The church board works in partnership with the staff in the ministry of the church.